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October 20, 2016

Ambassador Dell Dailey Meets With World Patent Marketing CEO Scott J. Cooper To Discuss Future of Military Innovation

Ambassador Dell L. Dailey, a senior member of World Patent Marketing's Advisory Board, and  CEO Scott J. Cooper had their quarterly meeting today.  There were three items on the agenda: The company's Smart Product Building initiative including the "4 Pillars of World Patent Marketing, "exploring new methods of reducing the weight of infantry technology on the battlefield, and WPM's commitment to innovate and help fight the war on terror.

Cooper's Smart Pro640px-dellldailey0908duct Building Initiative included  a major shift in strategy.  Cooper recently shocked his own employees and the marketplace with the announcement that the company has stopped charging for "patent assistance" services and will be focused on "Smart Product Building With Customer Intelligence".  The company will still assist clients who want to file patent applications but the service will be complementary to World Patent Marketing customers and limited to providing a simple referral to a "best value" organization.


"97% of patents don't make a profit." said Cooper, "If inventors are in a rush and they wish to protect their invention ideas, they should take a look at a provisional patent application.  They could download the form directly off the US Patent and Trademark Office website and pay the $65 fee  An idea evolves as a product is developed.  An inventor's money and time should be be spent on developing an idea and discovering what consumers want as  opposed to filing a patent application and praying for a licensing dedell-dailey-3al.  It's time for inventors to wise up and put the money where it counts."



The meeting was eventually moved to The Betsy Hotel in South Beach, a World Patent Marketing favorite.  Under the watch of a heavily armed security detail, Ambassador Dailey pressed Cooper to come up with new innovative ways to "lighten the load" on our infantry.  "Today the average US soldier carries at least 60 pounds of gear, with an extended patrol often doubling that weight. Special Operations units can see totals much higher." according to Ambassador Dailey, " Although protective gear, especially body armor, has improved dramatically with its effectiveness, even more weight reduction is desired. For example, the battlefield helmet needs continuous enhancements to defeat newly employed enemy munitions and protect our soldiers from head trauma.  My goal is to use the "creative capital" at World Patent Marketing to advance this agenda."

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"In my opinion, the key to a new infantry technology and innovations to help fight the war on terror lie in recent advances in materials technology." according to Cooper, "Graphene is the strongest and lightest material in the world but it still extremely difficult to work with.  We have been working with different labs all over the world on ways to apply graphene to different applications.  This has been no easy task but our commitment is there."

If you have any ideas on how to help World Patent Marketing innovate and help our troops, please submit your idea today.


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