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Cool Invention Ideas: World Patent Marketing ENTERS DIRECT RESPONSE TV

What happens when a fast growing invention powerhouse enters the $200 Billion Direct Response TV Market?

Independent Inventors Win!

World Patent Marketing sits at the beginning of an “innovation delivery tunnel” that starts in the inventor's garage and ends in the consumer's living room through Direct Response TV ads. World Patent Marketing will continue to build invention prototypes for cool invention ideas but will now have access to this super-charged direct response television infrastructure and retail distribution network which includes retailers such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, CVS, Dollar General, Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond, Family Dollar, and Petco.

World Patent Marketing CEO Scott Cooper is always looking for cool invention ideas

"This is a sweet deal for us," said Cooper."Over $200 billion dollars in retail sales has already gone through this distribution network. I now get to spend more time on the creative side working with our web and video developers - which is what I enjoy.  The distribution network and branding talent we have just acquired are simply unparalleled.  Our inventors can now tap into that network with direct access to the biggest retailers in the world."

Cooper's Favorite Cool Invention Idea is SquatchWorld

World Patent Marketing has always been known as an industry maverick and a one stop shop for inventors. This deal will exponentially increase the company's distribution and visibility by working with the very best team in the business.

Its All About Finding The Next Cool Invention Idea

World Patent Marketing CEO Scott Cooper has attracted a cult following among independent inventors. He is notorious for his creativity, combative style, brutal honesty and willingness to take risks. Say a bad word about him and watch his legal team take action. He takes it all personally and keeps grudges filed away.  His competitors hate him but they all respect him.  It can take up to three months to get a meeting - but if you have a cool invention idea, you may be one of the lucky ones he calls every day.  Members of government fly halfway around the world just for a sit down and photo op with Cooper.   Cooper has attracted an influential invention team of advisors including Ambassador Dell Dailey, General Nitzan Nuriel, Dr. Aileen Marty, Former US Attorney Matthew Whitaker, Congressional candidate Brian Mast, Former CAR Presidential Candidate Pascal Bida Koyagebele, Heavyweight Martial Arts Champion Moti Horenstein, legendary New York attorney Eric Creizman and the famous time travelling Physics Professor Dr. Ronald Mallett.  Earlier this week, an inventor attempted to sneak into Miami Beach headquarters to personally submit his idea to Cooper. Security had to remove him forcibly from the building.  Situations like this are not uncommon for the invention powerhouse.


It's been a busy year for World Patent Marketing's Invention Team. Safety Blade has just launched.  Janus Case, Trivia Candy, Squatch World and Print Glow are all set to begin before the end of this month.

Cooper has become more focused on his consumer products business since the beginning of the year.  He continues to build a diverse invention portfolio that includes high-tech drones, stuffed animals, and blue jeans.

When asked about WPM's eclectic product mix, Cooper responded, "There is consistency.  All the goods are creative, out-of-the-box, and have enormous profit potential for our partners and us."

We need good ideas today more than ever.   Submit Your Idea to World Patent Marketing today!


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