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October 20, 2016

Cool Kitchen Tools, World Patent Marketing Licensing Agreement

seal_7.jpgWorld Patent Marketing is rapidly expanding their portfolio of cool kitchen tools and household convenience products. The newest licensing agreement is for a superb new product, Seal-N-Go. It allows anyone to seal and store their food and other condiments quickly and neatly. The inventors came to World Patent Marketing to manage their product development. World Patent Marketing will be responsible for prototypes, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of the new consumer product.

"This is going to be a great product - perfect for TV," said Scott Cooper, CEO and Creative Director for World Patent Marketing. "We're putting everything we have behind it. Seal-N-Go offers something for everyone. It helps people organize their kitchens, keep them tidy, and it will contribute to stretch the average household budget. Plus it is easy to use. It's an A+ on every single metric. It's a surefire winner."

Cool kitchen tools added to World Patent Marketing product lines.

"The market for convenience kitchen products is growing," said Jerry Shapiro, Director of Manufacturing for World Patent Marketing. "The fastest growing product areas are those that help people to save time or money. These are the main categories we are looking for to add to our line of cool kitchen tools. You'll find Seal-N-Go in the main retail outlets very soon."


The unique aspect to Seal-N-Go is that it allows for sealing and storage of food and condiments, in custom-sized packages. This allows each item to be placed in exactly the right-sized bag and sealed airtight so that object can be stored safely. All one has to do to use this convenient product, is seal the bottom of the bag, cut it to the right size, and seal the top. It makes it easy to store small packets of condiments like ketchup and mustard as well.

World Patent Marketing sees the power of cool kitchen tools.

Seal-N-Go is One of the Best New Cool Kitchen Tools

Few cool kitchen tools are as easy to use and convenient as Seal-N-Go. This is a handheld, cordless sealer, that allows you to create custom-sized bags that seal in food and liquids. World Patent Marketing,  one of the leading patent companies in the U.S., is going to refine and develop the product, under the direction of CEO, Scott Cooper. He will oversee the development of the prototypes, overseas manufacturing, and worldwide distribution.

Seal-N-Go is being positioned as a superior alternative to Ziplocs and Tupperware.

"The concept of the Seal-N-Go came from my desire to be able to take my personal condiments and snacks to work without having to take several bulky plastic containers that I have to wash later," said inventor, Juli L. "I also didn't like storing them in my kitchen. They take up useful cabinet space I need, and I can never keep all of the containers and lids organized. I am sure you can relate to that! The uneven lid to container ratio is not only a mystery to me, but it is also an expensive problem.

Cool kitchen tools save families time and money.

'I began the invention process by creating a handheld cordless sealer that can seal liquids and semi-liquids in disposable bags. Hallelujah! I was able to purchase biodegradable, BPA-free, FDA approved bags on a dispenser. I was able to cut them to any size I desired. Then I just had to seal the bottom, fill them with anything my heart desired, seal the top, and pack it in my lunch. I could now seal my salad dressing, salsa, hot sauce, honey, applesauce, sour cream, and more. Plus, the bags are microwaveable so I can heat Cheese Whiz to put on my nachos.

Seal-N-Go one of the new cool kitchen tools from World Patent Marketing.

'Then...the most amazing thing ever...I could throw them away when I was done.

'And this isn't your ordinary store bought a plastic bag. When sealed, the Seal-N-Go is impermeable. No leaks. You could count on it every time. I started sealing everything. Shampoo and conditioner on cruises and plane trips, even dry items that I would buy in bulk and seal individually to save money. My sister started sealing individual packets of baby formula to take on the go because it was cheaper than purchasing the packets at the store! My brother is an avid hiker and microwaves peanut butter and jelly until it is thin, pours it into bags, and then takes it on long hikes with packs of his own personalizes trail mixes he makes.

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Seal anything with cool kitchen tools from World Patent Marketing.

'We just can't stop sealing things! My family and I have found so many personal and versatile uses for the Seal-N-Go. The uses for this product are endless. In the short time, I have developed this product; I have a thousand written applications. The Seal-N-Go makes life so much easier, cost efficient and helps save so much time. I can't imagine any household in the future that would not have a Seal-N-Go in their kitchen as a staple. It would be as silly as not having a toaster. I am so excited to launch the Seal-N-Go. Its future possibilities are endless!"

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