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December 27, 2016

Donald Trump Is Going To Be A Lighting Rod For Innovation

The American economy has never looked better now that we will have a Businessman-in-Chief sitting in the Oval Office. The smart money was betting against Donald Trump but he showed everybody that he has what it takes to lead. After eight years of a Donald Trump presidency, there is no telling how far we can go as a country.

From the outset, Donald Trump has promised that his government will focus on business and expanding the economy.  it is interesting to see which sectors stand to benefit the most from his victory. The crux of his business policies is centered around corporate tax reform, which is expected to benefit three industries and areas where innovation should see a higher return.


1. Energy & Power

With the Republicans taking over Congress and Donald Trump moving into the White House, there will be fewer and less stringent restrictions on businesses in the energy sector. This means that oil prices should increase in the near future and there will be a higher demand for new innovation. It will likely enable energy companies to increase their margins and invest more in new energy related invention ideas.


2.     Defense

Donald Trump has been vocal about strengthening America’s defenses, including empowering the military. Hence, this is a good time to think about defense and security ideas. World Patent Marketing's recent investment into Graphene Military Labs is a perfect example.


3.     Finance

Banks and finance companies have had a tough time over the past decade due to the recession and its after effects. Though they are on the road to recovery, the constraints placed on them due to the Dodd-Frank regulations have hindered their growth. Donald Trump has been vocal about deregulation so we can expect to see an acceleration of innovation in this sector as well.


Many other sectors should benefit from a Donald Trump presidency. Think outside the box when trying to innovate.  Trump's policies on Obamacare, immigration and trade with China should create some interesting opportunities as well. Stay tuned and good luck!


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