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October 20, 2016

Invention Licensing Agreement Signed by World Patent Marketing

Everyone is looking for the next Pet Rock, that fabulous feat of marketing that made its inventor millions with a clever idea. Brilliantly executed, cute, funny, and let's be frank, the Snuggie made the inventor a ton of cash.

Invention licensing agreement brings Screwzies to the market.

The newest invention licensing agreement at World Patent Marketing, may just give the Snuggie a run for its money. Screwzie combines the surprising irony of the Pet Rock, with the expressive power of an emoticon. Under the terms of this invention licensing agreement, World Patent Marketing will be responsible for the prototyping manufacturing, distribution, and retailing of Screwzie. The new product has unlimited potential.

“I like this deal.  Karen and I had very different visions for this product.” said Scott J. Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing, “I see this as a kids collectible but Karen saw this as more of an office novelty.  We finally came to an agreement last week and we are in high gear.”


"It's clever, it's kind of charming, it's funny," said Jerry Shapiro, Director of Manufacturing for World Patent Marketing. "Screwzie just has everything going for it. In addition, it can sell at a fantastic price point. We're looking at two possibilities for it, customers who want to buy one or two specific emoticons as a gift or statement, and people who want to collect them all. However, once they catch on, you'll see Screwzies everywhere."

shutterstock_373886722Emoticon Invention Licensing Agreement to Rival Success of Pet Rock

Karen M. came up with the idea for this gift invention 30 years ago. Kidding around, she handed a screw to a friend and said, "Go screw yourself." After they got over laughing, she came up with the idea of putting emoticons on the head of the screws. It gives adults and children a way to express themselves that is funny and cute, and just a bit different. Screwzies can say everything a greeting card ever could, but in a clever and new way.


Although, the inventor may have thought of the idea years ago, this invention licensing agreement never would have happened without the efforts of her son who is in his early 20s. She showed the idea to her kids recently and they loved it. Before she knew it, her son had arranged for her to talk to CEO Cooper to hammer out the details of the invention licensing agreement.

shutterstock_336486941Plans are for Screwzies to appear in over 100 distinct styles, which makes them perfect as a collectible or gift. Top notch artwork for the emoticons is currently under development. The parties plan to manufacture Screwzies in World Patent Marketing's China facilities and distribute them initially through their North American network. World Patent Marketing and inventor Karen, plan to release extensions of additional Screwzie products. They foresee worldwide distribution following the initial launch.

Investors and retail distributors are already showing interest in the product. Expect to see Screwzies arrive in retail stores in record time.

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