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Are you ready to manufacture your invention? It's an exciting moment, one that if you are like most inventors, you have dreamed of for years. You have babied that project from a great idea on a piece of scratch paper or a notebook, through the development and patent process, found a manufacturer, and now the big moment has arrived. You are ready to begin the manufacturing process.

When manufacturing inventions a tech pack provides information on all of the details.

Yet, you are probably worried about one big question, when manufacturing inventions, how do the manufacturers get all the details right? After all, you don't want a product that looks 'sort of' like your prototype, you want it exact, down to the last detail. How do you communicate all of that information?

Engineers, designers and inventors involved in manufacturing inventions use a 'tech pack'. This is an information sheet or packet that specifies all of the components and details of your invention. It contains a drawing of the product and components, which identifies the various pieces and calls attention to unusual details or processes. The tech pack may also have special instructions listed along with the drawings, as well as a parts list. Measurements, trim, colors, hardware, labels, etc., will also be included.

A tech pack is a useful tool when manufacturing inventions.

Think of a Tech Pack as Your "Bible" for Manufacturing Inventions

When manufacturing inventions, you can think of the tech pack as your 'Bible.' It should contain everything anyone needs to know to build your invention to your exact specifications. The more detailed it is, the less chance for error.


The tech pack is designed primarily for communications with the manufacturer, but it helps everyone involved with your invention, including those involved in the sales, marketing, and legal requirements. It helps everyone involved with your invention ideas to stay on the same page, with accurate, up-to-date information.

When professionals are involved in manufacturing inventions, they create a tech pack.

In large companies, tech packs are created with specialized technical documentation software, which creates parts lists and detail specifications automatically from the drawing, including indexes, changes order records, and all aspects of the product lifecycle. If your invention is complicated, you may want to contact a technical drafter to create your tech pack. On the other hand, for a relatively simple invention, you can create your tech pack on your own, even creating nice drawings on paper that you can scan later.

The point to keep in mind is to make the tech pack as clear and detailed as possible. One key to profitably manufacturing inventions is to eliminate mistakes. For that, the tech pack is invaluable.

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