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October 20, 2016

Miss Rhode Island USA 2017, Kelsey Swanson, Joins Powerful and Influential WPM Board As Goodwill Ambassador

swanson_4.jpgKelsey Swanson, Miss Rhode Island USA 2017, has become the youngest member of the World Patent Marketing Advisory Board. She has taken on he role as the company's Goodwill Ambassador.  At the youthful age of 22, this young woman has already demonstrated the spirit and determination that epitomizes World Patent Marketing. Swanson is far more than just drop dead gorgeous, even at her young age she has faced tough challenges, met adversity, and overcome it. Kelsey is focused on breast cancer awareness and is dedicated to ending the social and economic isolation of those living with disabilities.


"Kelsey is a terrific young woman," said Scott Cooper, CEO and Creative Director for World Patent Marketing. "Her life story blew me away. You know, some people are born with everything and they don't even have to try, life is handed to them. Not Kelsey. She had challenges that would stop most people in their tracks. But, she didn't quit, she kept at it and it paid off. She is going to be a great addition to the board, her youth and energy are going to be a big benefit."

Beautiful and young, Miss Rhode Island joins World Patent Marketing.

"This is a great moment for me," said Swanson. "Being on the Board at World Patent Marketing, where we are bringing new ideas and inventions out every day, it is like we are creating the future. It's unbelievably cutting edge. And I hope that I can inspire more young people to go after their dreams, get busy, be creative, and bring those new inventions to the market. I really look forward to working in that kind of creative cutting-edge environment."

Miss Rhode Island USA 2017 Brings Spirit of Adventure to Advisory Board

Swanson attended elementary schools in Cranston, Rhode Island, and attended Cranston High School West. Currently, she is a student at University of Rhode Island. She always had an artistic streak, excelling at art throughout her life and winning numerous Scholastic Art Awards. She participated in sports and dance, including soccer, gymnastics and ice skating. She was a champion cross country runner in junior high winning the gold in the city-wide track meet. She loves cooking and baking, one of her star recipes is buffalo chicken calzones.

Kelsey Swanson, Miss Rhode Island, loves to travel.

Another one of her great loves in life is travel. At 22 years old she has already visited 17 countries. She made her first European trip in 2012, back packing across Europe.

Especially relevant, Swanson's journey to the Miss Rhode Island crown was not an easy one. This is the third time she entered the competition. However, s
he never gave up. It seems that no amount of adversity can stop this young woman.

In 2014, she was in a serious car accident. She received a head injury. While treating her, the doctors discovered a brain tumor that she had been unaware of. In a sense, she was fortunate because if the tumor had remained untreated, she would have lost her eye sight. Because she was competing in the Miss Rhode Island 2016 contest, the doctors allowed her to delay surgery until after the competition. Eventually, when the competition was over, in November, she had a four hour surgery to remove the tumor, and months of recovery afterward.



But she persevered and began preparing for the Miss Rhode Island USA 2017 pageant as soon as she was able. In addition, her mother was then diagnosed with breast cancer. Most importantly, none of these challenges took the edge off of her determination to win the crown. In fact, they inspired her even more.

Fortunately, Swanson took the adversities life had presented to her and used them to grow stronger and more resilient. As a result, she developed depth and maturity that are rare among her peers. Furthermore, this attitude is sure to transform and invigorate the World Patent Marketing Advisory Board. The company  has several new products launching in the health and beauty category, and Miss Swanson's input will help to make them a success.

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