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October 20, 2016

In Science

Mysteries of Science

Science is one of the greatest tools we have. It has opened new vistas, given us new inventions, created the modern world. But, science cannot explain everything. There are plenty of strange events that have left modern science stumped. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite mysteries of science. These are the weird, wacky, wonderful things of the world that defy logic and explanation. They prove that the world is more strange and mysterious than we ever imagined. 

Giant bones and artifacts are one of the mysteries of science.

Giant Bones, One of the Unanswered Mysteries of Science

This is one of the mysteries of science that continues to linger on the "fringe." It's a bit like crop circles and aliens. The idea of giants has been around for millennia. Giants are mentioned in many ancient texts, including the Bible, where they are called Nephilim, one of whom was named Goliath.

Of course, ancient texts and pictures aren't proof. What fascinates us are the bones. There are several collections of giant bones that have not been explained by science. They exist, but they are ignored. This drives the believers bonkers. But even as a skeptic, you have to wonder. The bones which have been recovered from sites all around the world have to be studied and accounted for. We need an explanation of what they are. Until then, giant bones will remain one of the more irrefutable mysteries of science.


Strange star is a mystery of science.

Star KIC 8462852, A Sign of Advanced Civilization?

This is a strange star that dims periodically, several times per day. It is one of those mysteries of science that is lacking a good "natural" explanation. Some scientists have hypothesized that the star dims because it is orbited by huge artificial satellites. These satellites may be harvesting solar/star power, which accounts for their huge size that dims the visible light from this star. These satellites are far beyond our most cutting edge inventions.


The concept was put out there by a real scientist with a PhD, not by late night talk radio. Jason Wright is an astronomer at Penn State University, and he believes that massive solar panels are a possible explanation for the light pattern that he has observed. NASA has suggested that unusual comet showers are causing the dimming effect. In any case, KIC 8462852 is going down in history as the first observable space phenomena explained by an advanced intelligent aliens.


Mysteries of science include the Taos Hum.

The Taos Hum

This weird mystery is a little bit closer to home. If you ever have a chance to visit New Mexico, you can even check it out for yourself. The Taos Hum is a strange noise that some people hear when they are in the area. About 2% of people say they hear it, more or less all the time.

No one has any idea of what it is. Earth science doesn't offer a plausible explanation of what could cause a sound like it. On the other hand, psychologists having been doing research, which may eliminate the Taos Hum from the mysteries of science. The psychologists have conducted detailed surveys of the people who hear the noise. Their survey hasn't helped anyone to find the source or nature of the sound. But, one interesting fact came through. The people who hear the sound, all describe it differently. They hear different types of noises. Thus, they cannot all be hearing the same thing.

Either the Taos Hum is a psychological or physiological phenomenon. Or we have to find several sources for the Taos Hums, because there must be more than one of them.


UFOs are one of the most dramatic mysteries of science.

Mysteries of Science that Defy Explanation, UFOs

Sure UFOs exist, everyone knows that. Because of course, UFO simply stands for "unidentified flying object." But, that's just trite. We all know that when we talk about the "existence" of UFOs, we mean aliens, extraterrestrials, creatures from other planets. The existence of the ET type of UFO is a little more questionable.

Nevertheless, a few facts to consider. UFOs have been seen all over the world. There have been more UFO sightings than you can count. And a majority of Americans believe that ET life exists. A huge number of them believe that ETs have visited Earth. Are they all wrong? Deluded? Deceived? Or, is it possible that mainstream science has simply failed to do the research to understand and explain the UFO phenomenon?


Science cannot explain the Bigfoot mysteries.

Bigfoot Has Been Seen by Thousands

The legendary ape-man is nothing more than fictional story, fueled by silly sensational television shows and media. At least according to mainstream scientists. What they fail to explain, is how so many people happen to have seen the creature. And a lot of those people didn't even believe in Bigfoot before their encounters. How do you explain those stories?

One of the aspects that makes Bigfoot so mysterious is that all of the sightings describe the same type of creature. If it were made-up, there should be more variation. But, it is always the same, about eight feet tall, reddish-brown long hair, powerful, walking or running on two legs. On the side of the naysayers, there has never been any physical piece of Bigfoot evidence produced, not a hair tuft, a bone, a carcass, or a "nest." This is one of the most intriguing mysteries of science of recent times. Is Bigfoot real?


Ghosts are one of the creepy mysteries of science.

Ghosts, Do They Exist and What Are They?

The most common definition of ghosts, is that they are apparitions of the spirits of the dead. Many of the stories of sightings claim that the "ghost" was the spirit of someone they knew and loved. Another common tale is that the apparition is the spirit of a person who lived in a particular place, often called a haunting. Supposedly, these ghosts have become so attached to the location, they will not leave to move on into the next realm.


This belief in ghosts, as the "misty" apparition of the dead is thousand of years old, going back to times before the ancient Greeks. But, is it true? And, even if we agree that there is something there, how can we know that it has anything to do with the departed? Perhaps this is some type of spiritual energy that we don't understand. Perhaps "ghosts" are another type of inter-dimensional being, that have nothing to do with the souls of the dead. Some paranormal researchers are trying to unlock these mysteries. In the meantime, most people will continue to believe, in spite of the controversy.


Will science explain life after death?

Life After Death, The Mystery of Near Death

In an odd twist, modern science created the mystery of the near death experience. With high-tech medicine, more people are brought "back" from the brink than ever before. And that has led to a deluge of stories about their experiences. Doctors have revived many people whose hearts stopped beating and they stopped breathing, often for 10 to 20 minutes or more. These people were declared dead. But, then they revived. They came back.

And they told stories. Almost all describe a tunnel, with a light at the end of it. There are people in the light, friends and family who had died before. They describe a feeling of peace and love. Many are reluctant to return. A small number of people report a different experience, one that is frighteningly close to Dante's Inferno, with burning fire and an overwhelming feeling of anguished fear.

Scientists studying this phenomena cannot account for several odd aspects of these stories. One of the most compelling is that so many of the near-death survivors report the same details. The tunnel is very common, the light, the friends, the love; these are almost universally reported. If it was just a hallucination, what could account for the similarity? In addition, the experience is usually profoundly life-changing. This is a sign that those who experience near-death believe at the deepest levels of their psyche that it was real. For the time being, this remains one of the greatest mysteries of science and humankind.


Are humans psychic? It is one of the mysteries of science.

Psychic Powers and ESP

Like so many of our mysteries, psychic powers have a long, long history in the human record. Stories of telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, and telekinesis are as old as mankind itself. In fact, many believe that ancient societies developed all of these skills to a much higher level than we know today. It was ancient knowledge, that has somehow become lost in the modern age.

Many speculate that all of our machines and modern communications actually caused us to lose these natural and innate abilities. There are some who say that the Pineal gland, also known as the third eye, is the organ responsible for psychic powers. In the modern world we neglected its development. Also, the chemicals and electronic pollution that are everywhere today, may interfere with the functioning of Psychic powers.

The evidence is intriguing. Both the Soviet Union and the United States conducted military studies of psychic power. Studies which remain classified. Ancient societies accepted psychic powers as normal, from the Indians with their holy book, the Mahabharatta to the ancient Greeks and the Pharaohs of Egypt. In modern times, tribal societies like the Bushmen of Africa and the Aborigines of Australia have mysterious powers to communicate across time and distance. These are powers that science can record and measure, but cannot explain.

Perhaps someday, in the not too distant future, science will unlock these mysteries. In the meantime, the great mysteries of science add to the sense of adventure and wonder that comes from knowing that there are still discoveries to be made. Generations to come will unlock the mysteries of the earth, the galaxy, and the human mind.

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