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LICENSING ALERT: New Invention Idea For Babies

World Patent Marketing and Baby Rock'n'Glide signed a licensing agreement for the development, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. World Patent Marketing is adding new invention ideas for babies to its powerful stable of products, including Kid J'Adore and many other infant/children invention products. Baby Rock'n'Glide is sure to be a winner because it is convenient, practical, and even more important, provides relaxation and health benefits for parents and infants.New invention ideas for babies from World Patent Marketing.

"Baby Rock'n'Glide is real show stopper, we expect it to be one of the most popular new products in the infant market in coming years," said CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing Scott Cooper. "We are always on the look out for new invention ideas for babies. This baby invention that is attractive and practical and fills a real need, especially for mothers and infants. It is the finishing touch for every nursery that gives the room that sense of calm and relaxation."

"This invention is so practical," said Jerry Shapiro, Director of Manufacturing at World Patent Marketing. "It combines a super comfortable rocking chair with a bassinet, so when a parent or caregiver, such as a grandparent, rocks in the chair, it also rocks the bassinet and puts baby to sleep, calm and happy. Plus, it has storage for all of those baby essentials, like bottles, pacifiers, extra blankets and such, built right in!"

Invention Powerhouse Develops New Invention Ideas for Babies
World Patent Marketing adds new invention ideas for babies to its stable of patent license agreements.

Baby Rock'n'Glide is sure to be a must-have in nurseries across the country. Few new invention ideas for babies have the appeal of this wonderful product. Everyone knows that rocking chairs are a more healthy alternative to regular sofas and armchairs, particularly for women who have just had a baby. The rocking is soothing and relaxing, both for the parent and the infant. What better idea than combining the two, so that the bassinet automatically rocks along with the chair?


World Patent Marketing found that Rock'n'Glide is an excellent fit for the company, which is in the process of developing a line of new invention ideas for babies. Part of the World Patent Marketing cost includes developing, manufacturing, and invention marketing in partnership with aspiring inventors who have great ideas.

The patent licensing, prototyping, manufacturing, direct response TV, and marketing agreement has given Baby Rock'n'Glide the potential to become a nationwide invention success story.

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