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World Patent Marketing announced the launch of its Patent Invention Intelligence Group this afternoon.  The group aims to bridge the gap between invention and commercialization for companies, government agencies and academic institutions worldwide. The Invention Intelligence Group will be focused on unlocking the value in clients' intellectual property portfolios.  The focus will be on Search, Analysis, Business Intelligence and Industry Statistics. Additionally, World Patent Marketing is offering the service to patent attorneys outside and inside the World Patent Marketing network.

"As of today, World Patent Marketing is officially using the same invention intelligence that is being used by NASA, the National Institute of Health, the Intellectual Property Office, Instituto Italiano Di Tecnologia, and the Dublin Institute of Technology." said Scott J. Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing, "The quality of the information that we are providing is far superior to any of our competitors.  Through the month of September 2016, I will cover the cost of our Patent Invention Intelligence Report for any customer that purchased invention research from another company within the last 30 days - that is how confident I am in our product."



World Patent Marketing offers the widest range of search tools and functions available in the world. Searches can target any aspect of IP technology, including; assignee, inventor, patent invention number or classification, date range, legal status, and much more.  We update our database weekly. It covers more than 110 million patents from 128 jurisdictions worldwide. With one-click translation, you can rest assured that you have continuous access to the most up-to-date information. We have the capability to search patent data according to any one of over twenty fields found on patents: such as titles, claims, patent publication numbers, application numbers, classifications, inventors, assignees and more.  It is possible to conduct bulk searches and searches based on a particular image or chemical structures.


Our IP research and analysis covers the most critical sectors to invention development, including; freedom to operate, patentability, competitor analysis, technology trend analysis, tech or talent scouting and more. Our process of search and analysis narrows the myriad results to an easily manageable and relevant set of documents for careful review. In the past, this type of analysis
could take weeks to perform, and involved stacks of printed papers and highlighter pens. It was simply too expensive for all but the largest companies. In contrast, the World Patent Marketing Patent and Invention Intelligence Report has been designed from the start to make quick analysis of IP data possible for all.

Patent Invention Trends

What are the cutting edge technology areas? Who are the top assignees in any given field? What are the current trends and how are they changing over time? All these questions can be answered in seconds with World Patent Marketing’s built-in analytics.

Patent Valuation

The “Create A Value Estimate” for each patent is based on an algorithm with 25 distinct metrics. It allows us to display the value of each patent in the major comparison charts. It offers immediate context and identifies the potentially significantly results. Among the metrics used in the valuation are; citations, patent age, and industry sector. These are then compared and sorted against data from thousands of actual patent transactions.

Citation mapping

Citation mapping allows us to identify the most cited patents in the invention process, which is a good proxy indicating the most significant. Our citation mapping feature evaluates a full chain of associated technologies by following forward and backward citations for each patent. The sector can identify These and tracked from initial concepts all the way through to latest applications. Citation Analysis allows for the discovery of licensing opportunities, movements by the competition and making a determination regarding a patent challenge.

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Create contextual graphs with World Patent Marketing’s Landscaping tool. Input patents, technology and competitors for a visual representation of where all the patents within a given landscape sit in relation to each other. The Landscaping Tool highlights the main areas of activity, as well as areas of inactivity/white space that are ready to exploit. Protect the portfolio by determining exactly where competitors’ portfolios sit in relation to yours.

Litigation and licensing data

Keep on top of the information regarding specific litigation cases, including plaintiffs and defendants involved, law firms handling cases, when the case was filed and the duration of a case. Monitor the outcomes of cases and determine the most appropriate and cost-effective course of action.

Business Intelligence

Unlocking business intelligence is at the heart of World Patent Marketing's Patent Invention Intelligence Report. It provides a compilation of Intellectual property data that contains unique insights into future technology changes, market shifts and competitor strategy. Whereas a single patent deals with one invention, which may or may not be revolutionary and wide-ranging in its impact, the intelligence report examines that information in the aggregate, spotting trends, and future market moves. It makes it possible quickly to identify technology or competitor changes, potential acquisition targets, possible partnerships, and investment opportunities.  In essence, it helps you decide

Company Dashboard

Arm yourself with the knowledge you need about your closest competitors. Discover where your competitors are active, the technology fields they are exploring and determine if their rate of innovation is increasing or decreasing in different sectors. Get an overview of their strategy and determine how they may change the competitive landscape.

Competitor Dashboard

Competitor dashboards allow you to assess IP portfolios of your competition and size up how they compare against you enterprise and each other, head-to- head. Do their regional strengths differ? Do they have innovational strengths and weaknesses in their overall portfolio, and who is your most dangerous competitor?

Industry Statistics

World Patent Marketing industry reports offer high-quality research written from a sound business perspective. Our industry statistics and industry news are updated monthly. Our industry profiles are simply the most timely and recent industry information available, so you can easily stay ahead of market changes. We provide you the ability to understand both upcoming and current business issues, without a time-consuming and expensive research process. In our reports you will find; key statistics, market analysis, competitive landscape characteristics, regulatory conditions, operational issues industry trends, current and historical industry stats, and more. Plus we offer our invaluable our sales call preparation questions and industry forecasts, which will help you make informed business decisions in less time. Many reports include a global industry analysis. Use World Patent Marketing industry profiles are for sales preparation; creating business plans, sales and marketing presentations, and pitch books; benchmarking and forecasting; analysis of market size and competitive landscape; determining business valuations and litigation support; and due diligence. These intelligence tools are incredibly useful for sales and marketing teams, allowing them to operate faster and smarter. They open doors and close more deals. Because we have done the heavy lifting for you, with analysis of hundreds of sources, your team can dive in and get their projects done quickly.

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