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Patents And Innovations In Artificial Intelligence Are Proving that Albert Einstein Was Wrong About The Human Mind

Artificial Intelligence or "AI" as it commonly called is applied when a machine applies learning and problem solving capabilities that attempts to imitate human intelligence or common sense only found in the human brain.

Technology giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon continue to file patents on artificial Intelligence at a rapid pace. This is a clear indication of where the smart money is placing their bets.  World Patent Marketing and other intellectual property companies continue to look for the patent arbitrage and new invention ideas. As the venture capital and private equity continue to pour money into artifical intelligence, Albert Einstein and his band of loyal physicists are yesterday's news and will continue to become less relevant over the next 100 years.

The fame and successful of some of Einstein’s most important theories has compelled modern scientists and major think-tanks to ponder all the reasons why it is likely that common sense, which is the driver of Artificial Intelligence, will never share any sort of compatibility with science.

Back in 1915, the man who was not so great in mathematics conceived and published his legendary theory of general relativity, a strange, verging on ludicrous, new theory of the dynamics of gravity.  Einstein published six academic papers that were the bedrock for quantum mechanics and his theory of relativity. The combination of these two concepts sparked the groundwork for contemporary physics. 

Since Einstein's Theory of Relativity, there hasn't been a scientist who has come close to making a serious impact on modern physics. There is no question that Einstein’s principles of quantum mechanics and relativity dance outside the realms of common sense. His ideas and concepts opened a brand new door into how the world really works. 

Einstein’s theories compel us to bring faith to the fact that a single electron can be present in multiple places at the very same moment in time – and the fact that the beams of space and times are rubbery instead of rigid. When you get into it, it is mind-blowing stuff, something that lingers on the impossible. Yet, decades and decades of money being poured into theoretical physics have not subsided.

This is essentially why a majority of scientists are of the notion that common sense is an inhibitor to progress – and the fun part is, they believe this to be true not only in scientific fields but numerous other fields as well.

Common sense along with a bit of historical relevance or perspective can make you a tad bit critical of elaborate, unified scientific theories conjured by the human mind. If you study the human being around you, you will surely conclude that we are indeed complex, adaptive and highly unpredictable beings. You will also understand that human beings are highly susceptible to being positively or negatively affected by their surrounding environment.

Over the course of the last 100 years, modern science and Einstein loyalists have tried to convince us that Artificial Intelligence is the equivalent of a passing fad or a popular new song. Perhaps they now feel threatened by the millions of dollars pouring into this area. Look at the number of theoretical physicists that have been celebrated for new theories that have grown from Einstein's original theories. 

In 2015, Nick Seneca Jankel published an article in The Huffington Post titled, "AI vs. Human Intelligence: Why Computers Will Never Create Disruptive Innovations." According to modern day science, all that we think about and all that we do has a scientific basis, an explanation. Supposedly, our actions can be explained using the Oedipus complex, adaptations caused by evolution, our genes, lack of serotonin, etc.

As companies continues to pour capital into big data analytics, machine learning and the automation of manual processes, I believe these modern day scientists are going to left out in the wind to twist. The battle of artificial Intelligence vs, Einstein and his band of loyal scientists  will continue.

You know where my money is.


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