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October 20, 2016

LICENSING ALERT: Really Cool Invention, Gets-It-All

The latest licensing agreement from World Patent Marketing is set to bring a really cool invention into homes all across America. The agreement between World Patent Marketing and Gets-It-All is for World Patent Marketing to handle all aspects of the development, patents, prototypes, manufacture, direct response TV, marketing and distribution for the new invention.

Really cool invention from World Patent Marketing Gets-It-All from tubes.

"This product is so simple to use and so obvious that it actually scares me,"  said CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing, Scott Cooper. "It took me a while to move forward on this deal because I just couldn't believe this really cool invention wasn't out there in the marketplace."

"The inventor has done a great job developing and refining this product," said Jerry Shapiro. "Gets-It-All is a really cool invention that helps people get all of the contents out of a tube, like toothpaste, paint, glue, tomato paste, shaving cream. So many common household products come in tubes, and a good portion of the actual product gets tossed with that tube because there is no way to get it out. Gets-It-All changes that. These are the kinds of invention ideas we love; ideas that are simple, easy to use, and save people money!"

Really Cool Invention Saves Money, Easy and Convenient

Really cool invention gets every bit from toothpaste tubes, paint tubes, cosmetics, glue, condiments and more.

"Twenty-five years ago, like a lot of working couples my wife and I split chores and I was preparing one of my favorite dishes of rice with a nice sauce," said inventor, Jerry B. "I was having trouble getting the rice packet to stay in place to boil so I made a tool to hold it. The tool which I now call the Gets-it-all, not only held the packet to boil but was great for stripping the rice and the sauce from the bag, completely, quickly, and with no mess. I quickly discovered it was great for getting the last of the medicine from any tube as well as the last of that toothpaste and shaving cream from the squeeze tubes."

"Over the years my wife and I have used it to remove the last of the cosmetics from their tubes as well as being invaluable in the kitchen. I particularly like it when preparing deviled eggs. The yolks and flavoring are mixed and placed in a sandwich bag in the refrigerator along with the plate of plastic covered egg halves. When guests (or my kids) are ready for hors d'oeuvres I quickly cut the corner from the plastic bag. With the Gets-it-all you apply just the correct amount of yolk mixture for a quick fresh snack. I also use the tool and yolk mixture to decorate toast points for decorative hors d’oeuvres, and frosting mixture to decorate cup cakes. Over the years the Gets-it-All has become an essential tool in the kitchen, bathroom, and makeup table. My kids have found it also works great for getting all the ketchup, relish, mayonnaise etc. from the little bags at the ball game and the mall."

'I am excited to at last share my tool with the many friends who have asked for one and to introduce it to new friends."

World Patent Marketing expects the Gets-It-All invention to quickly become a standard item in every home. It is a unique addition to the invention powerhouse portfolio.

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