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December 26, 2016

In Science

Top Ten Hottest Technologies According To World Patent Marketing CEO Scott Cooper

2017 is the year of Internet Of Things and the Cloud. Yet, they aren't the only invention ideas that you need to look forward to.

World Patent Marketing CEO Scott Cooper presents a list of 10 technological trends that have made waves this past year and have all the smart money buzzing away.

Immune Engineering

While there is more research being carried out every day, a breakthrough technology called Immune Engineering can change how we combat the disease.

It uses an approach where the genetic buildup of the immune system is altered so as to fight cancerous cells effectively. Since the body's T cells get powerful enough to fight cancer cells and recognize the specific antigen on cancer cells, it's thought to be one of the best ways to deal with the disease.


Precise Gene Editing in Plants

 A new technology, known as CRISPR, is being gene editing.jpgdeveloped that aims at modifying the plant genetics so as to improvise their yield, make them more disease resistant and enable them to withstand drought conditions better. 




China’s Conversational Interfaces

If touch was a technological innovation in the world of smartphones, here is the next level of technology that is being adopted widely - intuitive voice recognition.

It focuses on making it more advanced with increased accuracy of voice recognition. Efforts are being made to make this voice recognition system more effective to work as an independent feature.


Reusable Rockets

rockets.jpgBuilding and launching rockets have always been an expensive affair. And most of these become redundant after one trip up to the space.

However, two billionaires, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have successfully developed rockets that land back upright, and can be refueled and relaunched for another space trip. It can bring down space development costs significantly.


Teacher Robots

Robots have been built since many years, but 2016 marked a new milestone. Scientists have developed research developing robots that learn tasks and send out the information to the cloud for other robots to learn.

The technology is a big breakthrough and can reduce the task of programming each robot individually.


DNA App Store





Justin Kao,  co-founder of Helix invested about $100million in an attempt to create the very first app store that would store and provide users genetic information.

The idea behind this app is to collect a spit sample from the user who buys the DNA app, analyze the sample and then record the findings to be accessed by users to know the various risks their DNA could pose for them.





Solar City's Factory

SolarCity, Buffalo’s largest project for building solar panels is almost ready. The factory will be capable of manufacturing around 10,000 solar panels in one day, which is a technological evolution everyone would wait for.



Rightly known as the fastest growing workplace software, Slack is a centralized place that enables communication among colleagues through messages and in a chat room.

The software has a focus on improving productivity and will probably soon be seen replacing emails – which are highly time-consuming.


 Tesla Autopilot

autopilot tesla.jpg

Tesla’s electronic cars with auto sensors are an innovation in itself.

 However when the company rolled out its update called Tesla version 7.0, popularly known as Autopilot it became the talking point among tech lovers.




Power From Air

There are tiny passive Wi-Fi devices that could work without a conventional power source is certainly a thing that will define the Internet-driven future.  


So, which one do you think is the best innovation this year? Let us know before we head off to 2017!

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