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October 20, 2016

Travel Invention Licensing Alert: AntiMicrobial Pillow Patent Gets Licensing Deal!

Travel Invention Pillow with AntiMicrobial Properties Wins Big 

Scott Cooper, CEO and Creative Director for World Patent Marketing announced an important new travel invention licensing agreement for an anti-microbial travel product that is sure to be a hit with both frequent flyers and holiday travelers alike. It is a new type of pillow that is ideal for airline travel, beach chairs, backyard lawn chairs and more. In short, this new product has incredibly broad consumer appeal and is likely to be a major breakthrough consumer product that will become synonymous with comfortable and sophisticated travel.

The agreement calls for World Patent Marketing to assume all responsibilities for patent assistance, product development, prototypes, manufacture, distribution and retail of this new invention. The product fits in very well with the expanding line of inventions from World Patent Marketing, it is going to take advantage of the latest anti-microbial technology which is already being used in Clean Seat, another product under development with the company. 


“This product has incredible potential,” said Cooper. “It is an ingenious idea, that taps into a real and growing need for anti-microbial travel products.  Comfort and cleanliness are paramount. Plus this pillow invention can be used at the poolside and in all kinds of venues. It is going to have extremely broad and deep market reach.”

“I travel a lot, especially with our plants in China,” said Jerry Shapiro, Director of Manufacturing for World Patent Marketing. “And one thing I know is that airline pillows are bad news. This new anti-microbial travel product will allow me to get a good night’s sleep on the plane, and reserve a spot at the pool for an afternoon drink when I am done with business for the day.  We'll show the entire industry why we are the invention marketing experts!”

Travel Invention Deals Are Becoming Quite Popular At World Patent Marketing

RVIP (Reserved Very Important Pillow) is a handy pillow with an adjustable elastic strap attached to it. This makes it possible to attach the pillow to an airline seat, for more comfortable sanitary travel on planes, as well as to lounge chairs at the poolside. With RVIP, you can take your pillow and securely reserve your favorite spot at the pool, for the entire day!

And there is no need to worry about RVIP blowing away, the elastic strap holds it firmly in place. Even more, it can also hold towels in place too, so they won’t blow away on windy days.


“There are other antimicrobial travel pillows on the market,” said inventor, Donald K. “But there are none with the comfort and features of RVIP. This pillow does it all. And it is easily cleaned so that it is always sanitary and ready to go. With the reach of World Patent Marketing, it has international appeal.”

RVIP is more than a pillow, it is comfort and peace of mind. Look for this latest World Patent Marketing product to be available soon.


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